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Yum Yum Bath bomb

Our Yum Yum Bath bombs are one of our best sellers. It's plant based & could be used up to 2-3 times.

Harm's Charms 8 oz moisturizing Donut Bath bombs are unique, fun & YES! adults love them.

Our products are safe for those with sensitive skin as they are all made with cocoa & shea butters.

Yum Yum Bath bomb

  • Enjoy your Soft Tropical scented Yum Yum Bath bomb.It's a sweet unisex fragrance that'll linger throughout the night/day.

  • citric acid, slsa, cornstarch, shea butter, fd&c colorant (approved by the FDA),baking soda & fragrance

    *Some Bath bombs might contain glitter/sprinkle(It is biodegradable)