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Get to Know Us

To be a CHARM means that you know who you are!

You are valued, precious and will shine bright no matter what! We’re here to help makes you unique!

Our collection of bath and body products are made with quality plant based ingredients and an extra dose of love and positivity blended right into each item.

We offer a mix of super cool products like lip glosses,body washes, and bath bombs in fun flavors such as Sweet pea, lavender & Cotton Candy.- all with charming and amazing people just like you in mind.

More than a line of products, however, Harm's Charms is a platform for people of all ages & genders.

Our products are fun and unique. It was created by 10 year-old kidpreneur,  Harmony and her mom Em. This mommy-daughter team is building a movement: You're never too young to bring your ideas to vision. Encouraging parents & inspiring children is what Harm's Charms stands for.


Our Story

Get Charmed By Harm's Charm

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